Empowering Change: Coding Crusaders' Students Excel in Sustainability Hackathon

Hackathons have become a breeding ground for innovation, fostering collaboration and creativity in solving real-world challenges. Recently, two talented students from Coding Crusaders had the opportunity to showcase their coding prowess at a sustainability-focused hackathon organised by Meraki Academy. Guided by their Coding Crusaders instructors turned mentors, these young coders embraced the challenge with determination, ingenuity, and a passion for making a positive impact on the environment. Let's dive into the inspiring journey of these Coding Crusaders' students as they participated in the hackathon, leaving a lasting mark on the road to a greener future.

Bridging Sustainability, Technology and AI

The sustainability hackathon brought together a diverse group of students, professionals, and enthusiasts who shared a common goal: to develop innovative tech solutions addressing pressing environmental issues. The hackathon provided an ideal platform for participants to collaborate, brainstorm, and code their way towards sustainable solutions. Against this backdrop, the Coding Crusaders' students showcased their talent, applying their coding skills to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Coding Crusaders' Mentors: Guiding the Way

The Coding Crusaders' mentors, who were also instructors at the academy, played a pivotal role in supporting and guiding the students throughout the hackathon. With their expertise in coding and their passion for teaching, the mentors provided valuable insights, technical expertise, and encouragement to help the students navigate the challenges they encountered. Their guidance and mentorship nurtured the students' confidence, ensuring they remained focused on creating sustainable solutions that could have a lasting impact.


The hard work, dedication, and innovative thinking of the Coding Crusaders' students did not go unnoticed. Their solution impressed the hackathon judges, earning them recognition for their exceptional coding skills and their commitment to sustainability. Beyond the accolades, their solution had the potential to create a tangible impact on people's lives, encouraging sustainable habits and fostering environmental consciousness.